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Welcome ... to my author website.

I appreciate your interest in my writing and would like to hear from you.

For me, the writing life is the perfect mix of two opposite worlds. For months (years), I sit alone in my cramped office space trying to urge words to scintillate on a page. The creative process becomes a feverish, all-consuming and solitary play-date. Then, the book is launched and a flurry of readings, signings and interviews commence, which is a great balm for the ague of solitude. But the most rewarding part is hearing directly from readers who have made a connection and enjoyed the work. For this, I am most grateful.

Here are some highlights and event updates from my recent writing life.

October 2023

The Twistical Nature of Spoons was launched at McNally Robinson Booksellers, and hosted by my editor, Sarah Ens. I was joined by so many friends and family members, both in the room and virtually. My thanks to everyone who made it such a memorable evening.

August 2023

You're Invited to the Launch!

Announcing the launch for The Twistical Nature of Spoons. My wonderful editor, Sarah Ens, will be hosting the live event, Wednesday Oct 04 at 7:00 pm, at McNally Robinson Booksellers in Winnipeg, MB.

You can also attend virtually. For more information on the event and how to attend, please click on the link below.

Hope you'll join us!

Click Here

July 2023

Cover Reveal... of my new novel, coming Fall 2023 from Turnstone Press.

January 2023

At long last, after a hiatus of too many years, I am very pleased to announce the upcoming publication of my new novel, The Twistical Nature of Spoons, due to be released in the fall of 2023 with Turnstone Press. I am thrilled to be reunited with the publisher of my earlier works, and looking forward to having the book in the hands of readers very soon.

Whew! This novel has taken the circuitous route, but I am in the process of working with my talented editor and applying the final polish to the pages. I hope you will stay tuned for more news as I move forward with it.

March 2018

I feel guilty about long gaps.

But sometimes borderless space and emptied hours are required to combat the tyranny of the blank page: a need to stare into the void so that creative replenishment can begin. I am back at it, writing a manuscript that I refer to as a dual-perspective novel (and categorize as an adult work). Time will tell.

January – April 2017

In celebration of the MYRCA nomination for Ghost Most Foul , I spent the early months of this year visiting schools to read from the novel and chat with students. Hands down, this is the most rewarding part of being an author! Students’ questions and insights never fail to amaze and inspire me. I want to acknowledge the welcomes (and gifts) I received from the children, and thank their teachers and librarians for making the necessary arrangements at the following Winnipeg and Selkirk area schools:

Henry G. Izatt Middle School
Westgrove School
East Selkirk Middle School
Linden Meadows School* (Photo above: A basketball thank-you from MYRCA club students)
St. Gerard School
Lavallee School
St. John’s-Ravenscourt School
Daerwood School** (Photo above: I was also invited to a post-visit basketball game organized for their MYRCA club)

October 2016

This was my first time attending the Manitoba School Library Association's SAGE event as an author vendor, and it was great to chat with the numerous librarians in attendance, as well as other authors and publishing specialists. I was thrilled to hear that students were reading and enjoying Ghost Most Foul. Copies of the book were won by St. John's-Ravenscourt School and Henry G. Izatt Middle School. (Thanks to my publisher, Coteau Books, for providing the copies for the draw). I look forward to the possibility of visiting these and a variety of other Manitoba schools in the coming months.

May 2016

Much to my delight, Ghost Most Foul is a nominee for a 2017 MYRCA Award (Manitoba Young Readers' Choice Award). The idea of connecting with a wider readership of Manitoba students is very exciting for me. (A reminder...if you would like to book a school visit, please contact me through email on this site).

MYRCA 2017 Nominees

April 2016

I am honoured to have Ghost Most Foul nominated for the McNally Robinson Books for Young People Awards (Older Category). Looking forward to the Manitoba Book Awards Gala at which the winners will be announced. It is always a wonderful event celebrating our vibrant writing and publishing community.

Manitoba Book Awards Shortlist 2016

February 2016

'I Love to Read Month' was always a stand-out month while I worked as a school librarian. This year, I changed hats and visited schools as a guest author. I was delighted to be invited to Lockport Junior High and East Selkirk Middle School, where I read from Ghost Most Foul, answered numerous questions, and conducted a mini writing workshop with some grade six classes. If you are a teacher or librarian interested in having an author visit your school, please email me through this site.

May 2015

A grand turn-out of friends, co-workers and family! Cookies decorated like basketballs! A wonderful introduction and hosting from McNally Robinson Booksellers! Ingredients for a wonderful launch of Ghost Most Foul. I thoroughly enjoyed reading from the novel that evening!

Authors for Indies Day is a national initiative in support of independent booksellers across the country. In Manitoba, we are blessed to have several of these wonderful book stores. To show my appreciation, I will be at McNally Robinson on Saturday, May 2nd from 4 to 5 pm on the main floor, chatting with customers and sharing some of my favourite reads. Please come out and join me and other Manitoba writers who will also be celebrating the day.

Announcing the completion and upcoming launch of my new Juvenile Fiction novel, Ghost Most Foul. The book will be launched on Monday, May 25, 2015 at McNally Robinson Booksellers in Winnipeg, 7:00 p.m. in the Atrium. I am certainly eager to share it, and look forward to the event.

August 2014

Recently, I completed the first round of editing on my novel for younger teens, Ghost Most Foul, which is forthcoming from Coteau Books in Spring 2015. It's been a great experience so far and I look forward to the work and the fun ahead as the manuscript evolves into a book. I will be updating here as the process rolls along, and I look forward to reconnecting with my present readership as well as a set of new younger readers.

July 2014

More than a year ago, S. Fischer Verlag publishers purchased rights to my novel Autumn, One Spring. It has been a time of anticipation as I awaited the translation and publication of the book in Germany. The time has arrived. The book, entitled Hochzeit mit Elch is scheduled to be released under their Krüger imprint in August of this year!

October 2013

Fellow Turnstone author, Dora Dueck, and I will be in Gimli, Manitoba on Thursday, October 17th to take part in a Manitoba Writers' Guild 'In Dialogue' Reading Series, as part of Manitoba Showcase Contact 2013 (the Manitoba Arts Network's annual conference). We will be joined that evening by artists in other disciplines as part of the opening night reception from 7 to 10 p.m. at the New Iceland Heritage Museum. The event is open to the public so I hope you can join us there!

February 2013

Check out the current dynamic and colourful winter issue #254 of The Fiddlehead, Atlantic Canada's International Literary Journal. I am thrilled that my short story, Exhibit (a tale of art and passion) has been included in this respected New Brunswick publication.

The Fiddlehead

November 2012

Signing at Chapters in Winnipeg. If you're out and about this Saturday, November 10th, why not stop by Chapters, Polo Park for a visit? I will be signing my novel, Autumn, One Spring, between 12 noon and 3 p.m. Last year, I met numerous avid readers at my Chapters signing, and I was invited to a few of their Book Clubs as a guest author. Double the fun!

October 2012

The thought of another Canadian independent bookstore closing its doors really saddens me. I remain 'old-fashioned' in that I love the feel of an actual paper and print book in my hand, and I am loyal to the independent bookstores in several communities around me. Independent booksellers offer us more than just bookshelves of appealing books. They contribute their expertise and passion, as well as envelop and nurture communities of readers and writers. So, when I heard that The Toronto Women's Bookstore was closing its doors and that poet Tanis MacDonald was not just planning an event to celebrate the TWB, but was also inviting local poet, Ariel Gordon, to host a satellite/sympathy event in Winnipeg, I jumped at the chance to contribute in some small way. I will be, along with numerous other Manitoba writers, reading from my work at beloved McNally Robinson Booksellers, Tuesday, October 30th, 7 p.m. For more details, please check out the link and consider joining us. Not from the Winnipeg area? Please go out and buy a book at your local independent bookstore and take a minute to be grateful that it remains a possibility for you . . .

A big thanks to the many people who stopped by my publisher's booth (Turnstone Press) at the Scattered Seeds annual holiday craft sale at Assinniboia Downs. I spent several hours signing books and visiting with book lovers who stopped by to see the varied, but all-Manitoban titles. I thoroughly enjoyed my two days at the event.

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